University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Institution :

University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) is a multidisciplinary university in the primary fields of physics, chemistry, technical and material sciences, medicine and pharmacy. The LBMC (Laboratory of Biomechanics and Impact Mechanics) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR_T9406) between the UCBL and IFSTTAR. Merger of INRETS and LCPC, IFSTTAR is a Public Scientific and Technical Research institute conducting applied research in the fields of transport, infrastructure, natural hazards and urban issues. IFSTTAR is a third party linked to UCBL, under special clause 10. Staff from both UCBL and Ifsttar contribute to the different aspects ofthe project. LBMC research activities mainly target the biomechanical analysis and modelling of the human body in interaction with its mechanical environment, applied to transportation user safety (crash protection), product design ergonomics, orthopaedics, sports and rehabilitation medicine. LBMC has long experiences in digital human modelling research for impact, orthopaedics and ergonomic simulations, with longstanding collaborations with the industrial and academic partners, at the national, european and international levels. These experiences will converge in PIPER, as visions developed for postural modelling in ergonomics and subject specific modelling in orthopaedics will contribute to a tool enabling new applications of human models in automotive safety.   

Role in the project:

UCBL is coordinating the project and contributes to all packages. Its main technical contributions includes work on the development of modules (geometrical approaches, smoothing, etc.) for the personalization tools (WP3), participation to the framework development and integration (WP3), collection of geometrical data and participation to their statistical analyses (WP2), and evaluations of personalizing and positioning tools for both adult and child models (WP1). UCBL and Ifsttar will be jointly involved in most technical tasks, with the main focus of UBCL in WP3 and WP2 and the main focus of Ifsttar in WP1 and WP2.   



Philippe Beillas
Scientific manager and coordinator for the project, Ifsttar Researcher at LBMC since 2005.
Research interests: human modeling for injury prediction, experimental biomechanics, imaging, child biomechanics and dummies.

YLafon Yoann Lafon
Lecturer at UCBL
Current research activity: subject-specific modeling of musculo-skeletal systems, and numerical methods for mesh morphing and smoothing. French ANR Young Researcher Grantee
XWang Xuguang Wang
WP2 leader, Ifsttar senior researcher at LBMC.
Current research: human motion control and simulation, discomfort modeling for workplace design such as vehicle interior design.
Photo FRECHEDE PIPER R2 C1 Bertrand Fréchède
Lecturer at UCBL
Research interests: experimental and modeling approaches to assess the link between local injury mechanisms and global injury risk predictors.


Illustration of relevant activities

Simulation of motion modelling
Simulation of motion for ergonomics

Modeling (GHBMC abdomen and child) and testing in impact biomechanics

mesh_deformation imaging_based_study
Work on mesh deformation methods and associated tools Imaging based study on internal body motion: trunk and neck